The seminars for this year’s conference will focus on training, equipping and networking  young people for the purpose of effective ministry as students, lay members in their local churches, and young professionals in their places of employment. 


Small groups with extensive results: Exploring an old method for a new era

The early apostolic church gathered in small groups often in the simple setting of the home. The book of Acts attests to the tremendous success of this methodology as Christianity reached the whole known world in just one generation. As we consider the task of reaching all eastern Canada in our generation, is it time we revive this ancient yet proven method of propagating the truth? This seminar will explore the book of Acts to see how the early apostles executed small groups, and how to apply these principles in our modern day, Canadian context.


Strait Talk: Navigating the homosexuality and LGBTQ question.

There is a sexual revolution that has precipitously dominated the cultural dialogue and changed the views of society regarding the topics of gender, marriage and sexuality. In a society that has largely shifted its view on the LGBTQ issue, how is an adventist young person to navigate through the diverse range of questions that challenge the biblical understanding of the Seventh-day Adventist church. How could young adventists effectively witness to those of God’s children within the LGBTQ community?


A Higher Purpose during Higher Education: Exploring ministry on public university campuses 

All Canada and the world comes to our campuses thus creating a rich field for ministry. Also, it is often during the college years that young people wrestle with the major questions of life. This seminar will explore how to effectively run a campus ministry. Meet fellow young adventist student leaders from the various campuses of Ontario and Quebec. Receiving excellent leadership training, exchange ideas and network together.


7 Days Shalt Thou Work? A look at transforming churches into centers of influences

Instead of being open only on Wednesday nights and Sabbath for worship services, is there a way for Adventist churches to be serving the needs of the community for 7 days a week? In this session, we will make the case for a bold, new vision for the Canadian Adventist local church. It is our hope that this seminar will inspire young people to be catalysts to transform our local churches into powerful centers of influence exemplifying the ministry of Christ, 7 days a week.


Highways, hedges and concrete jungles: Street ministry in down Toronto 

This seminar will present attendees with the exciting work that young people are doing in downtown Toronto in partnership with the Ontario Conference downtown task force. It is the hope that young people will be inspired to take this method of ministry to their respective cities in order to reach the masses within the major cities of eastern Canada. Attendees will also hear inspirational stories from the ministries of young people serving in Toronto’s Dundas Square, and Montreal, Quebec.


Lord, I’m unable to speak! Preaching 101 for young people.

Preaching is a biblical, necessary and effective method of sharing the gospel.  Preaching is not only restricted to the ordained minister, but rather is something that many more young people should be engaged in. This seminar will present basic principles of sermon preparation and delivery.  Young people will also hear two Canadian Adventist young people share powerful and moving stories from their experiences as lay preachers.


Being about my Father’s Business: How young people can enter the business world to witness for the Adventist message

Can CEO’s, entrepreneurs and others in the corporate world make an impact for the Adventist message? In this session attendees will get the opportunity be mentored by a successful Adventist business person on important lessons to effectively run a business, pitfalls to avoid, and how being a business owner opens up opportunities to further the gospel cause. Attendees will also hear inspiring testimonies from young, local adventist entrepreneurs and how they are using their businesses as opportunities for ministry.


Band of Brothers: small group session for men

Young Christian men of today are attacked by an innumerable array of powerful temptations that weaken spiritual resolve, hinder personal growth and development into the men and leaders God intends for them. However, it often only takes the simple encouragement and prayers of fellow brothers to lift up a struggling man. This session will bring young men together into small groups to discuss male-specific issues. It is the goal of this session for young men to find in each other the friendship,  accountability partners and comrades they need to successfully win the fight of faith.


A Sisterhood of Faith: small group session for women

Today’s young ladies within the adventist church are confronted with forces that confuse ideas of true femininity, and temptations that hinder spiritual growth. Many young ladies go through church without having fellow young sisters to open up to about their unique struggles. This session will provide opportunities for young women to come together for prayer, encouragement, counselling and genuine dialogue. It is the goal of this session for women to find in each other the sisterhood of faith to encourage them to become all that a godly woman can be.


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