There is among Canadian Adventist young people, a vision to take the Adventist gospel to everyone in eastern Canada in our generation. ECYC missions is that vision in action.

Below is a brief history of ECYC’s missions. May the ECYC story inspire other young Adventists to catch a vision for missions here in eastern Canada.

Baby steps

With a burden to hasten Christ’s coming, the small group of young Canadian Adventists who began ECYC had a vision for evangelism. So, in 2009, Benjamin Mora, ECYC’s very first Vice President for Evangelism, organized a door to door literature outreach as a part of the powerful 2009 conference. Attendees went door to door distributing small tracts and an abridged version of the Great Controversy.

Contact with Africa

In 2008, Angie Cho, a young teenager from Toronto, got inspired during a Zambia IMPACT mission. She joined the ECYC evangelism committee and helped orchestrate a 90 member mission project to the unreached island of Chilubi in Zambia, Africa in the summer of 2010. Approximately 20 Canadians participated in this epic project.

Knocking on Canada’s door

It only seemed logical that a Canadian movement do evangelism in Canada. So, Jonathan Gascoyne and his sweetheart (now wife), Ana-maria Yoon, executed ECYC’s very first Canadian mission in late summer of 2010. It was a 2 week canvassing program. 9 canadians engaged in sharing books like Steps to Christ, Desire of Ages, Radiant living and the Great controversy in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

Major Paradigm shift

During a panel discussion at Zimpact 2011, ECYC’s VP of Evangelism, George Cho, was challenged from the floor by an African young person with the words, “As you can see, we here have the young people who are willing to serve. So instead of spending $2000 to fly yourself to Africa, why don’t you just send that money to us and you stay in Canada to serve there” (paraphrase).  This comment was met with no response except for applause from the large group of young African missionaries. It signalled a major paradigm shift in thinking and focus not only in missions but also in the identity of the movement itself from foreign missions to strictly Canadian, and from focusing on the annual conference event to becoming a fully fledged missionary movement, modelled after what ECYC leaders had seen from their  brothers and sisters in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Feet into the Atlantic

Pastor Jason Williams did the morning devotions at ECYC 2010 conference – “Fully Persuaded.” Two years later in 2012, ECYC collaborated with pastor Williams to organize ECYC’s first Newfoundland mission to Grand-falls Windsor. The missionaries were excited for the opportunity to dip their toes into the Atlantic. Symbolically however, it was a great landmark. Though it began with a very small group of not-so-well networked young people in Toronto, it was exciting to see ECYC’s impact reach even to the Atlantic ocean.

The saga continues…

Since that landmark 2012 mission, ECYC has organized missions to Windsor, Elliot Lake, Manitoulin island and Timmins. Next year it will continue its exciting journey with two missions, one of them again taking ECYC to the shores of the Atlantic.

It is ECYC’s commitment to our beloved Seventh-day Adventist church in Canada and its eastern Canadian provinces to vigorously continue to push forward the missionary vision within eastern Canada.

Our Journey 

Zambia IMPACT 2010

KNOCK Hamilton 2010

Zimpact 2011

Mission Grand-falls Windsor, Newfoundland 2012

KNOCK Windsor 2012

Manitoulin island and Elliot Lake 2013

KNOCK Timmins 2014

Please join your fellow young Adventists in the vision to see our fellow eastern Canadians learn about the precious message of the Three Angels and have the opportunity to prepare the Saviour’s soon-coming, hastening, return to this planet.