The plenary sessions will explore various spiritual aspects of the final Loud Cry movement that will complete the gospel commission. The messages will be a biblical and Christ-centered exploration of themes such as the latter rain revival, the three angel’s messages, and Canadian missions.  These sessions are a time for corporate study, prayer, and yet also provide a powerful opportunity for personal conviction, encouragement, and deep reflection.


O For the Flame! An exploration of how the current generation of young Adventists can receive Christ’s gift of the Latter rain.


To Fulfill or die trying  Calling for young missionaries to courageously own the vision to reach all eastern Canada in this generation


True North Strong and Free? A look at the current state of religious liberty in Canada and its potential impact on evangelism.


Healing the Right Arm Adventist young people re-casting a bolder, Spirit of Prophecy-informed, Christ-centered vision for medical ministry in eastern Canada


Come out! A look at Revelation’s Babylon, and a personal call for this generation to decidedly stand apart


Sealed or Marked? Making the Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast relevant to my personal life and walk with Jesus


Are we it?  A biblical study of the seventh-day Adventist church as Christ’s last day remnant of prophecy


From Shield to Atlantic  An interactive conversation between young people and Conference leaders on the current state of mission work in each of the eastern provinces


Compassion Health  Exciting mission report from GYC EC’s Compassion Health expo in downtown Toronto.


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